dari ruyung yang pecah maka sagu bertaburan, 
dari katak yang tidak mati bila menyeberangi jalan, 
dari lembu yang mempertahankan hak namanya, 
dari meja yang ditepuk dan gelas pecah,
dari otak pemikir marhaen yang rendah IQnya, 
dari pandangan serong mata hati, 
dari racauan jiwa yang kacau,
dari kail sejengkal laut dah diduga,
dari anjing yang berjaya meruntuhkan bukit,
dari kelawar yang jaga siang,
dari pungguk yang cuba merindui mentari,
dari tikus yang berjaya membaiki labu,
dari 1Hz ke infiniti,

-de' owner-

05 January 2009

Thing to refresh your memory

Who is Wan Farid???

Quated from this article..
Remember...this a 2 year old article...

Promote Wan Farid to a higher position

Wan Mohd Farid Wan Salleh is Khairy’s new ally in the PM’s office. As Political Secretary to the Prime Minister, Wan Farid has taken on the role of Khairy’s unofficial gatekeeper in that office. Whereas Khairy himself used to play this role, he is now too busy to do so and trusts Wan Farid, the 42-year old politician from Terengganu, to be the toll-collector from businessmen who seek the Prime Minister’s stamp of authority for their projects. Wan Farid has been so successful at this that he is soon to be made a Senator, and if word on the ground is correct, he will soon ascend to the office of Minister, where he is then expected to be totally indebted to Khairy.

Already Wan Farid has been instrumental in securing a large chunk of Terengganu oil royalties for a pet project of one of Khairy’s businessmen friends, Patrick Lim. The businessman, who flies Khairy around in his private jet, recently obtained RM89 million from the Terengganu Special Fund, without having to refer to the Menteri Besar, Idris Jusoh, or the State Exco. It was Wan Farid who did the deal and ensured that Khairy got his appropriate cut. The money was supposed to be allocated towards development projects for the poor, but has instead gone towards building a tourist complex, shopping mall and condominiums. Inflated by over 40%, the Chinese businessman has allocated a sizeable portion of the profit to Wan Farid and Khairy.

One of the major movers and shakers of 2006 will be Wan Farid. Khairy is now contemplating whether he should be more prominent and be made a minister, or continue to play a background role, thereby ensuring lack of public knowledge over the secret goings-on in Abdullah’s office. Either way, both men will become richer by the millions in this New Year.

p/s picture is not related to any accusation of him singing with GRO...just merely his GOOD site of him

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