dari ruyung yang pecah maka sagu bertaburan, 
dari katak yang tidak mati bila menyeberangi jalan, 
dari lembu yang mempertahankan hak namanya, 
dari meja yang ditepuk dan gelas pecah,
dari otak pemikir marhaen yang rendah IQnya, 
dari pandangan serong mata hati, 
dari racauan jiwa yang kacau,
dari kail sejengkal laut dah diduga,
dari anjing yang berjaya meruntuhkan bukit,
dari kelawar yang jaga siang,
dari pungguk yang cuba merindui mentari,
dari tikus yang berjaya membaiki labu,
dari 1Hz ke infiniti,

-de' owner-

03 February 2009

renungan 6

Things that money can´t buy

1. Family and friends

Family and friends should be one of the most importent things in the world for every person. If your friends are drawn to you because of your wealth then they are not real. Real friends don´t care about the money you make, they care about you.

2. Home

Money can buy you a house but can´t make that house a home. You can start a family and have kids but will they grow up into fine people? Money doesn´t control that, you do.

3. Happiness

If there is something missing inside of you, it really doesn´t matter if you are somewhere on the beach or buying expensive things. If you can´t get at the root of it, you will never be happy.

4. Health

Even though health care is expensive and you need money when it comes to facing the bills and pills, it´s much better not to need health care in the first place. It doesn´t matter how much money you have, it won´t buy you health.

5. Love

Feeling of intense loneliness can neither be bought off, papered over or told to keep quiet and leave the room. Money can’t buy true love.

6. Vision and mission of your life

Without vision and mission you are like a jet without a flight plan. Clear goals are foundation of success and if you do not set clear cut goals then it would be like a ship moving through deep seas without a course.

7. Values

Everything we do is based consciously or unconsciously on our values, attitudes and or conceptions of what is good and desirable. Jack Welch said in his book Winning; “The highest good in human beings is their own self. This is the love, awareness and bliss of our inner most divine being. Everything worthwhile in life is an expression of this divinity. All that we value is the hidden quest for this divine source.”

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